Garden suites in Toronto are detached secondary structures built in the rear yard of a main residence. Though they are designed to be a modest-scale separate housing unit, they can contain their entirely own kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom. By implementing a garden suite, homeowners are able to maintain, and where feasible, increase the amount of permeable space on a property. This added space is particularly of interest for relatives or work-from-home occupants looking for a more affordable housing option, but also for homeowners of the main residence to seize the rental income potential with the additional dwelling attached. 

We are custom home builders in Toronto and since the legalization of garden suites in 2022, we are here to help. Whether you need to build a garden suite to increase property value, earn additional rental income or need a mother-in-law suite, Artycon is your top garden suite builder.

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Garden Suite Sizes in Toronto

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Garden Suite Size

The maximum size allowed for a garden suite in Toronto is 650 sq ft per floor. These dimensions should easily allow for, at minimum, 1 fully functional bedroom unit, and in some cases, may be able to fit 2 bedrooms. The average living space size for a garden suite is anywhere between 950 to 1100 sq ft. It is possible however to construct a full basement and above-ground space of 1300 sq ft if the property size and ease of access is feasible for construction.

Height Clearance

The minimum height of your building in Toronto must start from 4 meters or be just above 13 feet for a garden suite to be built. This requirement ensures there will be enough room for a slightly raised floor, a properly sloped roof, and at least a 9-foot ceiling height. Garden suite structures only allow a maximum height of just above 19 feet and 8 inches, or 6 meters, and there is a set of additional requirements for building it to maximum height.

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Construction Setbacks

When understanding what setbacks are for garden suites in Toronto, they are the mandatory space required between the property line and the building structure.

  • Side Setbacks – depending on the size of the lot and frontage, the range is between 2 and 10 feet.
  • Rear Setbacks – minimum 5 feet or 1.5 meters. Larger lots and garden homes with parking space need up to 20 feet or a 6-meter setback. 
  • Front Setbacks – minimum distance from the garden suite and your main house must be 16 feet 4 inches, or 5 meters. Structures with a maximum height require 24 feet 6 inches, or 7.5 meters of distance between your main house and your garden suite.

Shapes and Angular Planes

Garden suites in Toronto below 4 meters in height have no restrictions or limits on the shape and type of roof. If construction is higher than 4 meters, however, the city of Toronto mandates angular planes to not exceed 45 degrees and be installed on all four sides of the house. To learn more about angular planes, click this helpful link here.

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If your Toronto residence permits a garden suite and you are interested in benefiting from additional living space, receiving a city rebate, increasing your home’s value, and potentially generating extra income from offering rent, please contact us to get the process started. Artycon and our team full of professional custom home builders are happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas, and we are dedicated to making sure your dream Toronto garden suite is met with full satisfaction.