Artycon’s custom home builders specialize in complete Toronto home renovation. If you are looking around your house, wanting change, but do not want the hassle of moving, then our complete home renovation services are just what you need. Our experts can help you transform your home to be more visually appealing, improve the comfortability and functionality of your space, and ultimately increase the value of your property. 

With over 20 years of experience in construction, Artycon offers astute attention to detail and communicates clearly throughout every project to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed your expectations. We encourage all Torontonians to contact us and share your creative ideas and designs so we can proudly bring your new vision of what you aspire your home to be to life!

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Toronto Full Home Renovation Services

Toronto Full Home Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovations

There is no shortage of benefits when remodeling your kitchen. Everything including removing walls, changing electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, upgrading appliances, painting, installing cabinetry, and so many more large and small improvements when implemented correctly, can accommodate your lifestyle comfortably. They can create a larger, more functional cooking space, improve safety, add more storage, increase energy efficiency, save you money on utilities, update your kitchen style, and raise your home’s value. Regardless of the design you select, Artycon will make sure we give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Bathroom Renovations

There are several changes you can make to a bathroom to alter its appearance and improve its usability. Installing new vanities, converting a tub to a shower, re-doing the floors, replacing old lighting fixtures, adding cabinets, etc are all examples of renovations that can add space, increase the value of your home, save money on utilities, operate more energy efficiently, and improve your own enjoyment and relaxation in the bathroom.

In any case, Artycon is your ideal partner through all of these. We have various bathroom design ideas for different preferences and needs, and we work with clients to personalize their bathroom space and make it unlike any other. We achieve this by mixing up the design details and integrating various elements to make them your own to ensure you get satisfactory results.

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Basement Renovations toronto

Basement Renovations

The basement is a versatile space that can be transformed into a living room, bedroom, or even a media room, making it a very exciting renovation project! There are many elements that need to be planned for such as insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring, interior design, and even acquiring permits depending on if you opt for a major change like adding a separate exit. 

With all that said, basement renovations offer homeowners the ability to maximize the extra space, cut down on energy bills, improve safety, create a guest room or rental space, and increase the value of your home. Artycon will help you to create a space that will surely stand the test of time with a design that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional.

Converting Attic to Living Area

There is a lot of potential to be had from converting your attic into a living area. By expanding upwards, Artycon can quickly and easily transform this unused area of your home to enlarge your living space, utilize energy-efficient options, create a new view, and increase the value of your property. 

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Garage Renovations toronto

Garage Renovations

Aside from parking a vehicle inside, the garage is often a forgotten and underutilized space. Many homeowners do not realize the untapped potential that can be seized upon from a garage makeover. Benefits such as having extra storage space, improving safety, capitalizing on a versatile space, increasing the value of your home, enhancing energy efficiency, upgrading with the latest technology, and more. Artycon’s garage renovations ensure your space is positioned effectively to be most productive and helpful as a redefined area of the home. 

Complete Home Renovation Process

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Why Choose Artycon for Toronto Home Renovations

Our complete home renovation services allow us to transform rooms and entire homes from plans and ideas on paper, into a sought-after reality. Artycon’s excellence can be had no matter the home or budget because we offer flexible payment options that ensure expensive costs or compromising on quality or style will not get in the way of the elite service and materials that only you deserve.

To alleviate the stresses that are tied to renovating a home, our Toronto home renovators take care of all the details for you, including acquiring building permits, sourcing materials, bringing in specialized tradespeople, and cleaning. At Artycon, our licensed and insured team prides itself on our reputation and expertise. As a result, our customer satisfaction rates are 100%, or the job is not complete! Using only the highest-quality materials from the world’s top suppliers, your renovation project will be a worthwhile investment when choosing us.

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Artycon has been providing Toronto and GTA residents with complete home renovations for over 20 years, and we want you to experience the very best that this industry’s tradespeople have to offer. Whether your interest is in kitchen renovations, basement renovations, bathroom renovations, garage renovations, or converting your attic to a living area, we have an experienced team fully capable and dedicated to meeting all your design and functional needs and preferences.

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